Sometimes something good somehow needs to be shook up a little to make somethings somewhat better. Some of those somewhat better versions of something that have been somehow shaken up become so different with what you started off with in the first place. Recently a lot of good things have been shaken up and some are in the process of shaking took.  It all sounds a little weird and incoherent. So in this case, ignore my ramblings. Instead I will present to you two tracks that have had that shaking up done to them.

I’m not always so big on remixes and so you should know that it took something special for me to decide to post some remixes today.  These are not so much remixes as they are beat-mixes where what really makes these versions so special is a completely different beat mixed up with some pretty slick production.

First up is a song already featured here recently. Kyla La Grange is definitely going places with the album, produced by none other than heavyweight producer Jakwob, soon to drop. This is  the Hippie Sabotage mix of Cut Your Teeth. Slowed down to a dreamy pace and an amazing slap bass, what stands out so much about this version is the immense changes of pace.  Just as you get comfortable with a slower bassier beatier version of the song, we get taken to a different dimension more akin to a house beach pre- going out feel. And then back we go again, to that dreamy, deep, slow vocal section. A rollercoaster. I dunno if it’s better than the original. But I know that I love them both equally.

The next one is so very different from the original. A simple synthy echoy melody so vividly original. Vocals that immerse you into a deep state of wander. And then it adds up when the chorus drops. Tears & Marble ask us, ‘what is love?’,  in a way that Haddaway seemed so blazé about but Tears & Marble induce such inquisitiveness into. This is a seriously mindblowingly good version of the 90’s hype tune. But that seems so unfair.  This is just a sumptuous song which oozes a flair that makes you just wanna sit back and say, damn. That good.