Trapped Angels

Its been quite some time hasn’t it? I would apologise but genuinely I’ve been over-stretched by loads of things. Moved to London. Started a new job. Travelled across 4 continents. A bit much.… Continue reading


Yesterday I went into Primark and as I waited for the nine thousand people in front of me of the queue, I overhead a disturbing conversation taking place between four 17 year olds.… Continue reading

Opposite Of Low

Every so often I find myself impossibly addicted to some sort of TV show which acts as a shield of escapism from the real world. Don’t get me wrong, it’s not that I… Continue reading


Awful. Terrible. Disappointing. Yadda yadda yadda. Yes, its been piss poor from me the last month or so with not even a single post registering. I would apologise, but I won’t mean it.… Continue reading


Yup, definitely deserve a little beating for not posting here for fricking ages. But there are reasons. Hear me out, please. Basically, I went to an amazing story telling night, went on a… Continue reading

Cool, When You Call

Bit of a different type of post today. I was hugely honoured last month to be invited down for July Child’s debut gig at The Borderline in London’s Tottenham Court Road. I caught… Continue reading


I thoroughly felt like I learnt some life lessons this week when we held our monthly Restless Beings meetings. From taking a moment out to reflect on what you actually like and dislike… Continue reading

We Are Together

Another busy weekend coming up, so wasnt sure if I’d get another chance to post again. Sometimes, having nothing to do can be so draining and sometimes having so much to do can… Continue reading